Forklifts school

Forklift driving Learning and licensing.
Graduates can drive all kinds of forklifts including Manitou.
Get a wanted profession in a short time.

Course duration: 2 days at our schools.
Application Requirements: Age of 18 or more, Israeli citizens, Basic driving license (A and up)
and “RASHAL18” – the green form from the M.O.T stations (the ministry of transport and road safety).

About “RASHAL18“:
This form is necessary for the final driving tests and for issuance of a new driver license from the M.O.T. To get this form, you must pick it up at one of the M.O.T. stations listed here (Hebrew). Bring your I.D. card or existing drivers license as identification.
(You may need a new picture as well).

For more information about forklifts courses, please connect us at: +972-1-700-70-74-79 or at

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